Stargazer Luxury Silk & Bamboo Belted Artist Kimono Robe

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We are full of wonder and made of stardust. And so is this marvellous kimono! Created using an 1833 engraving by artist Vollmy, our Stargazer print features a night sky filled with thousands of shooting stars. (Vollmy’s work depicts the earliest recorded Leonid Meteor shower, in which more than 240,000 meteors fell from the sky in one night to the amazement and astonishment of onlookers in towns and villages across North America. We like to think that 240,000 wishes were made that night too!) Like all of our Artist Jackets, it can be worn done up or open, but our favourite way to wear it is with the belt tied loosely at the back. Made from delicate, luxurious silk and wood/bamboo viscose. Please take care with jewellery and handbags while wearing. Measures 73 cm across the back (underarm to underarm) and 78 cm in length. Model is 5’9” for reference.

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